A demolition site (Viorel Dudau/Dreamstime)

Abu Dhabi clears away disused buildings that “distort” city’s appearance

7 August 2018 | By Joe Quirke 1 Comment

Abu Dhabi’s local government has demolished 220 abandoned buildings throughout the city.

The authorities said the structures “distorted the urban appearance of the city” and posed a health hazard. 

The buildings were in locations such as east and west Abu Dhabi Island, the Free Zone and old Al Samha.

Abu Dhabi City Municipality plans to demolish 272 others in the future. The structures chosen include industrial plots, commercial outlets, residential buildings and communal houses. 

The municipality said they only tear down buildings if notices for maintenance or rehabilitation of the site are not met.

Image: A demolition site (Viorel Dudau/Dreamstime)