Fuelling up a hydrogen car at Nottingham University (ITM Power)

Designs unveiled for HGV hydrogen filling stations in UK

7 August 2017 | By GCR Staff 2 Comments

Energy storage company ITM Power is to unveil a series of designs for large scale hydrogen stations, each capable of producing up to 20 tonnes of the fuel per day.

Last month, ITM signed a deal with Honda UK, whereby the car-maker will purchase hydrogen at £10/kg.

The contract covers fuel dispensed across ITM Power’s hydrogen refuelling network, which is being partly funded by the government’s Innovate UK agency as well as the Office for Low Emission Vehicles and the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking.

ITM Power already has similar agreements in place with 16 other organisations, including Toyota, Hyundai, Johnson Matthey, JCB and the Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

The designs, which will be launched at the Hydrogen + Fuel Cells North America exhibition in Las Vegas in September, are based around electrolyser configurations of up to 50MW in size.

Graham Cooley, the chief executive of ITM Power, said: “These new refuelling station designs are being launched in response to a dramatic increase in the number of enquiries for refuelling heavy logistics vehicles at large scale as the viability of hydrogen power continues to gather scale and momentum across a growing number of industrial applications.

“ITM Power is delighted to be in a prime position to support these important transportation sectors as they plan their transition to a greener vehicle fleet to reduce emissions. Air quality and fossil fuel emissions is now a high priority for governments worldwide.”

ITM currently has £23.5m of projects under contract and £16.7m of contracts in the final stages of negotiation, totalling £40.2m.

Image: Fuelling up a hydrogen car at Nottingham University (ITM Power)

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