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Hydrofoil bike lets riders “cycle on water”

27 October 2017 | By Joe Quirke | 3 Comments

A New-Zealand firm is creating an electric bicycle for riding on lakes, rivers and the ocean.

Pedal-power propellers push Manta5’s Hydrofoiler XE-1, which the company says can achieve lift with two carbon fibre hydrofoils that act like the wings of an aircraft.

Still in development, the bike itself is buoyant (also made from carbon fibre) and contains a battery and 400w motor, giving an hour of pedal assist or full throttle propulsion.

The bike’s modular design means quick assembly and transport. It is light enough to be carried by hand to the water.

The price of the Hydrofoiler XE-1 will be announced on November 10th at a soft launch event in New Zealand, with Manta5 saying the cost will be “similar to that of other quality e-bikes and water sports products”.

The initial pilot production run will be restricted to New Zealand buyers, but international pre-sales will be available shortly afterwards.

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Images courtesy of Manta5