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Good news. Raymond Lee
on ‘Hedgehog highways’ in new housing developments
What a fantastic idea. I have long sought to promote ... Richard Worsey
on ‘Hedgehog highways’ in new housing developments
Bridging the present and the future - the Shipping the ... roger calven
on Russia completes its part of first railway bridge ...
Didn't happen with the likes of Wembley (ie keeping the ... Marcus Jefferies
on Milan’s San Siro stadium to be demolished
This is one of those a first-class ways of destroying ... Raymond Lee
on Center Parcs completes “Ireland’s largest-ever tourism project”
Right now all I can say is wow! Before going ... Alhagie Daffeh
on Work on Uganda’s first car factory gets under ...
Africa diversifies financing opportunities for its infrastructure development. Maurice
on Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank reaches 100 members
Kind of out pf place Sheila
on US developer reveals plans to build Ireland’s tallest ...
Interesting as we celebrate the moon landing 50 years ago ... Deryck Uprichard
on “It took a lot of audacity”: Bouygues, Vinci ...
This is yet another example of how working together can ... Balfour Burrell
on “It took a lot of audacity”: Bouygues, Vinci ...
Matters are not helped by the fact that there is ... Nicholas
on US construction wage tops $30 an hour as ...
This huge investment on yet another giant hydro project does ... Christopher A Legg
on Zambia and Zimbabwe agree in principle to $4.5bn ...
This sounds promising, but how will they fare against the ... Benjamin Sewell
on Researchers champion cause of earth building blocks in ...
They are a bit behind the times - no mention ... Sheila Anderson
on Saipem lands Saudi Arabian oil jobs worth $3.5bn
This reminds me of the fibre-reinforced concrete that was discussed ... Kevin Batt.OB.BSc(hons).MCIOB.MCMI
on Rust-proof reinforcement promises maintenance-free concrete
I would say flawed research - may not be the ... Neil Bradshaw
on Chinese construction firms deserve better press in Africa, ...
I’d like to see a similar study on Chinese construction ... Dave Mitchell
on Chinese construction firms deserve better press in Africa, ...
I agree with Neil. Quality over quantity. Quality job offerings ... Nathan Williams
on GMB: Gender equality in UK construction is still ...
Great project 👍 Hamed Eldeeb
on Morocco opens Africa’s largest port
I designed the rotary plows at the new Taiwan power ... Steve Lemon
on Chinese consortium to build world’s largest coal-fired power ...