160m-long bridge made from shipping containers planned for Israel

Yoav Messer Architects has designed a bridge made from recycled shipping containers for a park under construction in Tel Aviv.

The 160m structure will be placed in Ariel Sharon Park, and will have two observation decks located on top of the containers, linked by a rooftop walkway.

Its modular units can be adapted to include additional features. For example, shutters will be added to increase shade and it will be fitted with solar panels to generate electricity.  

The bridge will be supported by a steel truss and three columns, allowing it to support light vehicles as well as pedestrians.

The design is based on the park’s theme of reuse; the structure will be fabricated offsite to decrease overall construction time on site.

It is unknown when the bridge will be completed, although Ariel Sharon Park is due to open in 2020.

Images via Yoav Messer Architects

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  1. If China can construct a 57 storey hotel in 19 days by using the IBS then it should be possible for the above bridge to be constructed in a few months. The only component which will be time consuming will be the steel truss and three columns as the the shipping constainers can be fabricated offsite.
    Just a layman’s view.

  2. This is a good cost saving innovative idea from Yoav Messer.

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