26 builders shut down in Singapore for breaking Covid rules

Authorities in Singapore shut down the sites of 26 builders this week for flouting Covid safety rules as it blankets the industry with inspections amid a state of heightened virus alert.

They were found to have allowed workers or visitors onto their worksites without performing the necessary checks at site entrances, considered necessary for contact tracing. Two sites admitted workers who were later found to be Covid-positive, said the Building and Construction Authority (BCA).  

The BCA is conducting more than 900 inspections a week to prevent a repeat of last year’s chaos, when the virus spread freely among dormitories housing the country’s predominantly migrant construction workforce.

More than 65 builders have flouted Covid safety rules put in place since the state of heightened alert began on 16 May, the BCA said. Infractions include workers not distancing or wearing masks, and sites having no proper zonal segregation.

The 26 have three days to review their mandatory safety plans and submit a compliance report to BCA. Sites where Covid was found must do a thorough disinfection before work can resume.

Image ©GCR, illustration by Denis Carrier

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