32km Iran–Iraq railway link to be built over next two years

Aerial view of the Iran, Iraq border and the Shatt al-arab river near Basra (John Wollwerth/Dreamstime)
A memorandum of understanding has been signed between Iran and Iraq for a 32km railway link between the two countries, connecting the Iranian town of Shalamcheh and Iraqi city of Basra.

A statement shared by the Iranian government said a joint venture between the Iraqi Republic Railways Company and the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways was due to be announced in two months.

Rostam Qasemi, Iran’s Minister of Roads and Urban Development, said Iran would begin construction on its side of the railway once Iraq had built its.

Qasemi noted that the most important part of the railway would be a bridge between the two countries.

The Tehran Times reported that the railway had been in the works for the past 19 years and would connect to a 17km railroad linking Khorramshahr to Shalamcheh in Iran, which was built in 2011.

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