3XN designs “simple and poetic” Danish centre for coastal nature

Images courtesy of 3XN
Danish architect 3XN has won a design competition for the 700-sq-m Centre for Coastal Nature and Sport Fishing on Denmark’s Funen island.

The oval building on a pier in Assens harbour will have three exhibition spaces and a rooftop terrace.

Outside, three large basins will contain water, while a stone reef will be intersected by small canyons and underwater valleys.

Jan Ammundsen, 3XN head of design, said: “It was important to design a building that is both simple and poetic. A building that fits into its surroundings, a building that is warm and welcoming, playful and full of experiences.

“The oval shape of the building makes it easily recognisable from all sides and provides a flexible layout. In addition, the focus is on warm, robust and natural materials with wood and tile. The design is compact, simple and sustainable.”

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