3XN reveals its design for Danish robot plant

Danish architect 3XN has designed a 20,000 sq m hub for robotics firms Universal Robots (UR) and Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) in Odense, Denmark.

The "Cobot Hub" contains modular vessels that can be scaled up or down depending on future needs, with much of the project made from wood.

The development is designed to encourage social interaction between members of departments by means of an open-plan office and a shared courtyard.

The Cobot hub takes it name from a "collaborative" and "robot", resulting in Cobot robots that work with or interact with humans, which MiR and UR specialise in.

The project aims to fit into its surrounding landscape, with a low height and green roof.

The development is due to be built by 2023.

Images courtesy of 3XN

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