Aecon and Concordia team up for low-carbon construction

The Climate Clock Projection at Concordia University in Montreal, part of its Human Impact Lab (SarahSalal/CC BY-SA 4.0 Deed)
Toronto-listed contractor Aecon has joined Montreal’s Concordia University to research new low-carbon construction materials through a three-year memorandum of understanding (MOU).

They’ll research low-carbon concrete while exploring opportunities for pilot projects at Aecon’s Training and Innovation Centre in Holland Landing, Ontario.

Concordia is carrying out research for 36 projects funded through its “Volt-Age” applied research programme. Aecon and Concordia are teaming up for two of these projects in 2024.

Through a project called “Decarbonising the Concrete Jungle”, three low-carbon concrete slabs made with alternatives to cement will be piloted.

Another project will pilot a 3D-printed low-carbon concrete column.

“Testing real-life examples of low-carbon construction materials will provide a great opportunity for shared knowledge and access to resources that may not have been available to us before,” said Prabh K. Banga, vice president for sustainability at Aecon.

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