Africa to receive $175bn investment in sustainable transport

The African Development Bank (AfDB) is to take the lead in providing $175bn over 10 years for investment in sustainable transport. The announcement was made at the one-day UN Climate Summit in New York on Tuesday, which was attended by 125 heads of state. 

The decision to put the funding into the transport sector is a recognition that, although Africa has relatively low per capita emissions from transport: 215kg in 2008, which is 25 times lower than the world average, it is expected to rise rapidly in response to economic growth. 

The continent’s transport sector accounts for more than 90% of primary oil demand and is responsible for 23% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions.  

The AfDB invested more than $1.7bn in sustainable transport and services last year with the intention of increasing focus on developing sound urban transport systems, moving people out of motor vehicles and developing greener sources of energy.  

The move follows the creation by the World Bank and the UN Environment Programme of the Africa Sustainable Transport Forum earlier this year. This is intended to provide a platform for high-level policy dialogue on sustainable transport in Africa.

The goal of the forum will be to integrate sustainable transport into the region’s development and planning processes and increase the amount of funding going to sustainable transport programmes. 

The ASTF will hold its first conference on 28-30 October in Nairobi. 

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