America’s Hill buys Scottish legal terrier

Global project management firm Hill International has acquired a small Scottish expert engineering firm called Cadogans to boost its contract claims services in industrial and energy sectors.

Cadogans provides engineering and technical consulting services, often in legal battles. For three years it helped TransManche Link fight Eurotunnel plc over claims relating to building the Channel Tunnel (pictured) between England and France.

Its approximately 30 staff are based in offices in Glasgow and Dundee but they work all over the UK and around the world.

Hill kept the terms of the deal secret. It was announced 31 October. 

Cadogans’ senior management will stay with the company, which will operate as part of Hill’s Construction Claims Group.

"Their knowledge and expertise, particularly on energy and industrial projects, will significantly expand our group’s existing capabilities, and also allows us to offer a fully co-ordinated project management, quantum, delay, disruption and technical engineering expert service to our clients and their attorneys," said Frederic Z. Samelian, president of Hill’s Construction Claims Group.

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