Apartment designed around a parrot and cat in Hong Kong

A 42 sq m apartment in Hong Kong, dubbed the "Pet’s Playground", has been designed for a couple, their mother-in-law, a cat and a parrot.

Designed by local architect Sim-Plex Design, the flat includes a number of spaces specifically for the cat, including small holes and walkways, a cat house and a cat toilet next to the front door.

Many of the surfaces are topped with melamine covered board to reduce scratches. Meanwhile, the parrot has been given a spacious cage by the window.

Sim-Plex Design says the apartment is not just built for pets, but also to "fulfil the different living requirements (for) two generations of people", with rooms that can be expanded and contracted to give family members privacy or to allow them to share larger spaces.
Images courtesy of Sim-Plex Design

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