Architect reveals enlightened designs for ‘shadowless’ skyscrapers

Architect NBBJ has unveiled designs for a pair of London skyscrapers that would not cast a shadow, and so would not interfere in the "right to light" of surrounding buildings. The structures, which are concepts rather than a definite project, are notionally sited in in Greenwich, south-east London. 

The buildings in the No Shadow project have curved surfaces that have each been computer modelled to reflect sunlight into the shadow created by the other. This effect is created regardless of the time of day, with the result that the buildings reduce each other’s direct shadow by up to 60%. 

The buildings are intended to address concerns about the number of tall buildings that are being planned for the UK.  

Unlike cities such as Copenhagen and Paris, which impose strict limits on the height of buildings in central areas, London has a more permissive attitude to towers. As a result, about 250 are due to be built in the capital, and some large provincial cities such as Reading are planning to follow suit.

Images via Vimeo

Christian Coop, NBBJ’s design director, said the aim of the project was "to improve the quality of our urban environment by finding a way in which we can have the tall buildings we need without losing natural light on the areas below. 

"The design ensures that the area between the towers is bright and pleasant, so is more likely to be used as a public space."  

The Rhinoceros software that was used to design the buildings can be used to create similar projects across the world. 

Images via Vimeo

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  1. Why not have both or any tower block designer design in a retractable curved reflective mirror system to be installed on the roof edge on shaded side of the tower block to reflect down the suns rays and brighten up that side of the building! Likewise should the sun then move over to the opposite side a similar reflective system could then be activated while the previously activated one could then be retracted so as not to block the suns
    rays from being reflected down the now shady side of the building! However the window cleaners union could
    very well strongly object to the whole “anti-shade idea”!!!

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