Architect to turn Milanese sand quarry into park with floating forests

Images courtesy of Mast
Milan’s Municipality of Segrate has asked Danish maritime architect Mast to turn a disused, kilometre-wide, 60m-deep sand quarry into a lake park with floating, forested islands.

Mast said it would provide “a new destination for the residents of Milan to retreat into nature” in a “unique landscape encircled by industrial remnants and overgrown vegetation”.

“Centroparco” will have buildings along the lake’s perimeter, including a spa and boat rental station built on floating foundations.

Visitors can rent low-power electric boats to navigate the lake and discover the floating forests at its centre.

The largest island in the middle will have an elevated amphitheatre, while smaller islands, used for events, will be moored to the lake’s bottom but can drift within a limited radius.

A fine-dining restaurant will perch on the rim of the lake with a panoramic view over the islands.

The water’s depth can vary by 2m depending on groundwater levels and rainfall.

The buildings will be pre-fabricated using timber portal frames and will be clad entirely in locally sourced timber which will be untreated to settle into the natural surroundings over time.

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