Architect’s plan to stick affordable homes onto existing Paris buildings

Parisian designer Stéphane Malka Architecture has suggested creating affordable housing in the French capital by adding prefabricated elements on top of and between existing buildings.

The "3box" system does not require the purchase of sites. Instead, the right to build is obtained in exchange for renovating existing buildings.

According to Stéphane Malka, the housing would cost 40% less than the usual market price and could be built quickly and cheaply in workshops.

The units would work with a new Parisian law, the Loi ALUR, which states that 70,000 new dwellings should be built each year, and that rents should be stabilised.

The law also relaxes planning regulations, which would help the 3box structures to be built.

The firm is working with a team of engineers and specialists from "Les Toits Du Monde" (Roofs of the World) to realise the project.

The prefabs will have green roofs and be made from recyclable steel frames with wood sliding panels and insulation.

The company say that the project would create "a new Paris above the horizon" and is a "way to discover new perspectives of the city … working against the urban sprawl".

Images via Stéphane Malka Architecture

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  1. Thinking outside the box is one thing but inserting boxes on the top of existing buildings is an interesting but possibly controversial approach. The benefits of pre-fabrication are obvious but, no doubt, the design and construction of load transfer frameworks could be quite challenging (+ costly?) and ability to cope with wind loadings will also need to be considered. Will the hoisting of converted shipping containers to the roofs of our buildings form part of this exercise as well? Thank you for sharing this interesting concept with us!

  2. An excellent plan that can be improved on

  3. Can use container boxes which comes in 20ft, 30ft and 40ft. I think use of wood could be replaced with artificial flooring to be even more environmental friendly.

  4. Often thought I’d love to do this in London but no idea how to approach the planning or agreement from owners. Anyone out there know anything or interested in working on it together?

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