Are ‘Lego’ smart bricks the future of construction?

Israel-based company Kite Bricks has designed a "Lego" brick that can be easily slotted together to build the same range of structures as its clay rival.

The bricks are made from high-strength concrete with hollow cores to allow insulation and wiring to be fitted easily. They can also be stuck together using a kind of double-sided tape rather than conventional mortar.

Kite Brick says its product saves on natural materials such as sand, iron, and water, and can save as much as half of the construction cost of an eight-storey building.

The company was founded by Ronnie Zohar. He has said: "I’d like people in Africa and other places in the world to be able to build with our brick and get a thermally insulated house using the same money they would have spent on tin."

Zohar says a company or an individual who wanted to build a structure would be able to order a construction kit that contained all the components they needed. 

Zohar has told Wired he has taken patents out on the bricks, but needs another $3m in investment to bring them to market.

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