Are you set up to work remotely? Here are four ways COINS can help

Construction site work is resuming, but many contractor, engineering and home builder offices remain closed due to Covid-19. Even when they re-open, some staff may still need to work remotely. Do you have the right construction software tools to ensure your business remains productive and efficient?

Maintaining the operational cadence between office and site-based staff is a challenge; throw in a global pandemic and it becomes near impossible. For most construction businesses, site work is resuming before office operations, which means most employees are still working remotely.

Traditional business models don’t support the new way of work ushered in by Covid-19. Thankfully for those in construction, COINS can help. 

We have more than 30 years’ experience delivering construction software and services for project management, operations, finance and supply chain management. With superior technology and flexibility at their core, these solutions increase both efficiency and collaboration – even when working remotely.

1. Cloud solutions that are built to function

Our powerful collection of value-added, digital solutions – COINS Construction Cloud – ensures secure, end-to-end consistency and collaboration among and between process stakeholders. The cloud-first technology that underpins the architecture of these solutions naturally supports remote work; users need only a web browser and internet access.

Additionally, mobile applications extend the reach of our construction solutions, allowing site and road-based personnel to perform their roles using WiFi or cellular data as well as offline when no data connectivity is available.

COINS Construction Cloud is built and hosted on Microsoft Azure, the leading cloud for business applications. While other solutions may be based on client-server software and require third-party infrastructure to run remotely, COINS architecture coupled with Azure eliminates all of that, enabling secure and resilient solutions out-of-the-box. COINS Construction Cloud also integrates with Microsoft 365, making our solutions easily compatible with SharePoint, Outlook, Teams and more.

Investing in COINS enables remote work and reduces IT infrastructure overhead and maintenance costs.

2. Improved operational controls

COINS Construction Cloud delivers a digital and integrated approach that’s ideal for remote working. For contract management and operations, the cloud transforms and modernises the end-to-end management of construction sites by improving all aspects of financial and operational controls. It facilitates compliance, eliminates paperwork, automates workflows, enhances communication and connects offices and construction sites.

More specifically, cloud construction software automates and digitises processes for time collection and access control, site procurement, resource management, production tracking, budgeting, forecasting, contract costing, plant and asset management, project management and service management. All of this functionality is accessible remotely.

3. Construction-specific financial solutions

Finance is a key area where COINS Construction Cloud adds value through a digitised and integrated approach. COINS provides a single platform and secure cloud-based solution for all business-critical processes related to finance. These functions are designed to comply with standard tax/finance rules and regulations as well as those specific to the construction industry.

COINS Construction Cloud offers credit, debt, cash management and industry-specific payroll solutions that provide custom views at every operational level. Back office billing and project accounting components tie in with contract management functionality, allowing finance, management, and commercial teams to review the real-time performance of projects wherever they might be.

On a larger scale, COINS Construction Cloud provides actionable insight into process performance with comprehensive dashboards and reports. These analytics, which are easily available through a browser or mobile device, promote real-time, informed decision making. Typical reports include contract-level to enterprise-level profit and loss statements, budget and forecast reports and combined finance and operational KPI reports.

4. A paperless supply chain

COINS Construction Cloud offers functionality that will help to transform the construction supply chain.

Suppliers and construction enterprises can create and access digital product catalogues and execute transactions based on commercial agreements. This approach minimises ad-hoc purchases from unqualified suppliers and simplifies tracking purchases.

Electronic trading supports paperless ordering and invoicing to cut the cost of transaction processing. Supplier and subcontract management solutions further eliminate time-consuming paper processes by digitising onboarding, insurance and certification management, as well as the subcontractor payment application process.

Finally, COINS Construction Cloud offers digital workflows and approvals whereby users can review and approve transactions via our web or mobile-based construction solutions.

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