Artist creates Etch A Sketch versions of architectural landmarks

Full time Etch A Sketch artist Jane Labowitch has created detailed grey and black versions of various architectural landmarks using the drawing toy introduced to the world in 1960.

Chicago based Labowitch, also known as "Princess Etch A Sketch", started using the toy at age four and can spend up to 20 hours on her most meticulous artworks.

Labowitch recently travelled to India courtesy of Intrepid Travel and while there sketched the Taj Mahal (pictured above), Humayun’s Tomb:

The Red Fort:

And the interior of Amer Fort:

Princess Etch A Sketch has previously sketched St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, Russia:

And the Chicago skyline:

Visit Labowitch’s website here, which contains more of her artwork and a shop.

Images via Intrepid Travel and Instagram

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