Arup hired for “smart highway” in Perth

Arup together with BMD Constructions and Ventia, as the SmartWays Alliance, have been awarded the A$47m Smart Freeways – Kwinana Northbound project in Perth, Western Australia.

The first smart freeway development in Western Australia will see an additional 10km lane from Canning Highway to the Narrows Bridge completed by early 2020.

Smart technology will open and close traffic lanes in the event of an incident and adjust speed limits to get more through traffic during busy periods.

The project is intended to increase road capacity by 33%.

Arup will be delivering the design of "intelligent transport systems" for all lanes running, lane use signage and coordinated ramp signals.

Michael Price, Arup’s highways major leader, said: "The addition of the new lane and the lane-use management system will provide improved traffic flow on the freeway, reduce safety hazards and optimise existing infrastructure."
Work starts next year.

Image courtesy of Arup

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