Atkins hits the road in Colorado

3 May 2013

Atkins has been appointed to manage the reconstruction of a six-mile stretch of Interstate 76 in northeastern Colorado by the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Its remit includes construction management, inspection and materials-testing services.

The project, whose value Atkins did not disclose, includes building or replacing 13 bridges, reconfiguring two interchanges, lengthening on-off ramps and replacing the asphalt pavement with concrete.

95% of the asphalt removed will be reused as a base for the new concrete surface. (Credit: Atkins)

Atkins said about 95% of the asphalt removed will be reused as the base layer for the new pavement.

Derek Lindvall, Atkins’ senior group manager for the contract, said: "This project will greatly improve the infrastructure in this rapidly growing area. It’s a significant part of moving Colorado towards a modern and efficient transportation system, which helps support economic expansion and job growth in the area."

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