Barcelona architect designs triple-decker solar-powered fish and vegetable farm

We’ve seen the concept of floating cities, floating solar plants, and a floating hydrogen factory, now a Spanish architect has designed a 62ha floating farm.

Forward Thinking, a practice based in Barcelona, has designed a 197 x 315m rectangular structure. Its three levels will include solar panels on the roof, a fish farm at the base and hydroponic gardens in between.

This is not science fiction. It is a serious and viable solution
– Forward Thinking Architecture

Wind turbines and wave energy systems could also be integrated into the concept.

According to Forward Thinking, one farm might produce 8.1 tonnes of organic vegetables and 1.7 tonnes of fish a year, in which case it may be able to pay for itself within 10 years.

The architect said the farm "can be located close to many megacities or dense populated areas with water access" such as New York, Sydney and Tokyo.

The modular farms could also be linked together to create increasing efficiency of scale.

The firm said on its website: "This is not science fiction. It is a serious and viable solution."

Forward Thinking is open to partnerships and business relations in order to make the project become a reality.

The concept at present provides food for thought if nothing else.

Images via Forward Thinking Architecture

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  1. Surely only completely sheltered locations will qualify for such a venture and this factor cannot simply be ignored when calculating the pay back time! In addition the actual position of such a floating structure
    will be subject to various levels of governmental approval! However , where ever necessity is at its highest , those in power should respond favourably to such an innovation!

  2. Don’t forget the sea water desalination using graphene, in built within the system !! good measure should also include a wind farm. Maybe the future of agriculture.

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