BIM snapshot: Where we’re up to

The author attended the BIM Show Live event in Newcastle, 27-28 February, and provided this report:

My biggest takeaway from BIM Show Live 2019 is that measured change will come when we align technology and process with the needs of the individuals we’re asking to change.

From the introduction of ISO standards to the humbling story of a soldier’s journey with BIM in a war zone, the common thread was a realisation that driving innovation tomorrow is dependent on becoming better listeners today.

Three more takeaways:

Standards: With the launch of ISO 19650 and the efforts by general contractors to unite and define digital standards, a push toward asking the right questions to better define Information Standards was a theme of the event.

Back to basics: With the influx of technology over the last five to eight years, many firms are still struggling to gain measurable value and create repeatable success. Implementors are getting back to basics, defining specific problems to solve with defined KPIs, scaled to the end user’s experience with the right technology.

Data interoperability: Even with standards, APIs and open file formats, the industry is struggling to build the connections necessary to carry data over from one project phase to another without considerable data degradation or loss. Defining what data matters, to whom and when seems to be the rally cry to overcome this gap.

  • Sasha Reed is vice president of industry advocacy for Bluebeam, a collaboration software developer and member of GCR’s global content partnership network.
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