Bjarke Ingels Group proposes 500,000 sq m floating city

Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) has proposed a project called "Oceanix City" for the UN agency, UN-Habitat. BIG describes its idea as a "sustainable and resilient collection of floating islands with a total land mass of 500,000 sq m, able to accommodate 10,000 residents".

It adds that Oceanix City could act as "blueprint for a modular maritime metropolis", incorporating multiple sustainable systems such as:

  • Communal farming, which will allow residents to grow crops using zero-waste systems
  • Floating reefs placed underneath the platforms and seeded with seaweed, oysters, mussel, scallop and clams to clean the water
  • All built structures to be kept under seven storeys to improve stability
  • Roof space to be maximised for solar power generation.

BIG’s modular neighbourhoods would house 300 residents, and clusters of six would be located near a central harbour.

Larger villages of 12ha could accommodate 1,650 residents, with social, recreational and commercial functions placed around a sheltered inner ring.

The firm says residents may eventually be able to walk or boat through a 75ha city, which would contain 10,000 people.

Images courtesy of BIG

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  1. Fantastic plan but how do they factor in rising water levels

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