Bouygues to ‘reinvent cities’ with WWF France

Bouygues and WWF France have partnered for three years as part of the "Reinventing Cities" initiative, which aims to create more sustainable urban lifestyles for communities and businesses.  

The partnership will research issues such as reducing energy and water consumption, improving transport management and integrating nature. 

The partners will develop demonstrators of sustainable neighbourhoods in France to communicate a vision of sustainable cities around the world.  

WWF and Bouygues will collate research findings on new urban lifestyles, including energy conservation and efficient management of water and waste.

The Lyon Confluence (WWF)

In 2010, the WWF and Greater Lyon signed an agreement concerning the Lyon Confluence (pictured), the first WWF sustainable neighbourhood in France.  

The Lyon Confluence has a zero carbon target, meaning there will be no additional greenhouse gas emissions between the level prior to the new development and that after completion of the construction of the neighbourhood. 

The new three year deal will follow a similar approach to the targets of Lyon Confluence. 

Bouygues is also renewing its membership in Forest and Trade Network WWF, which aims to eliminate the exploitation and trade of illegal timber and improve forest management.

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