Brainless robots to run South Korean tech giant’s new HQ

South Korea’s Naver Corp aims to complete work on the world’s first robot-friendly building in the second half of this year, with a fleet of bots performing services such as cleaning, running errands, delivering documents and guiding guests.

The office, which will be the tech giant’s second headquarters, will be in Jeongja-dong, Seongnam city, about 10km south of Seoul. It will have 37 storeys, 29 of which will be above ground.

The company, best known for its online search engine and mobile messaging platform, will fit the building with a 5G-enabled "artificial intelligence robot cloud (ARC)" based on 237 patents.

ARC will act as the controlling brain of the robots, which are referred to as ‘brainless’, moving them around the building in a coordinated way, report’s Korea’s Pulse News. 

Naver Corp believes this is more efficient and less costly than fitting the robots with their own processors and sensors.

The building’s AI will handle security using facial recognition systems.

Seok Sang-ok, Naver Labs’ chief executive, commented that the building would connect all the main digital technologies, such cloud computing, robots, 5G and digital twins, in a single infrastructure.

Image: For illustration, a robot hand with light bulb (Bautsch/CC BY-SA 3.0) 

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