Bugged out: Chengdu housing scheme shows unexpected downside of green living

An ambitious "vertical forest" residential scheme in the Sichuan capital of Chengdu, China has remained almost entirely empty since its completion in April owing to an unforeseen problem: swarms of mosquitos were also drawn to the verdant plantings on the eight towers’ balconies.

And with tenants not there to tend the foliage, the development has become an actual urban jungle.  

All of Qiyi City Forest Garden’s 826 apartments were sold by April, but only about 10 families were willing to share their flats with the mosquitos, reports the AFP news agency. 

Up to 20 types of plants were planted in the balconies, where they were supposed to filter Chengdu’s notorious smog from the air and dampen noise pollution.

The "fourth-generation" housing project was completed in 2018.

Image: Qiyi Garden City as it is now (via YouTube)

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