Californian houses to be created out of recycled 3D printed plastic

Image courtesy of Azure/Oasis
Fourteen homes made from recycled plastic are to be built by Azure Printed Homes in southern California.

According to Azure, the houses will be build using 3D printing and will reduce costs by 30% and construction time by 70% compared to traditional methods.

The plastic used will be recycled and would have otherwise gone to landfills, the ocean, or would have been incinerated.

The company also claims its homes will reduce energy bills, as they are airtight and will use low-carbon technologies including heat pumps and solar panels.

Ross Maguire, Azure’s chief executive, said: “It’s great to partner with Oasis Development in Ridgecrest, on a genuinely innovative project aiming to demonstrate the benefits of 3D printing using recycled materials.”

Ken Bagga, Oasis chief executive, added: “We have been actively researching several potential prefab manufacturers for this particular project for several years. We finalised our current plans for this development with Azure’s input.

“Their expertise has accelerated our learning around their innovative products and processes. Now that our agreement is signed, we look forward to seeing these new modern homes being manufactured by Azure Printed Homes and installed in our Ridgecrest development.”

Oasis is due to begin work on the project in August and complete it in September 2022.

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