Canada to spend $11.8bn on public transport projects over next eight years

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that Canada will invest US$11.8bn in public transport between now and 2028.

The money will be spent on accelerating projects and expanding urban transport systems, switching systems to electrical power and creating paths for cycling, walking and wheelchairs.

Indigenous communities and those living in rural areas will be consulted about which services would best meet their needs.

Catherine McKenna, minister of infrastructure and communities, said: "As we build back better, it is time to ambitiously invest in modern and sustainable public transit across our country, to reduce congestion, to help create a million jobs, and to support cleaner and more inclusive communities.

"Permanent, long-term funding for public transit will mean new subway lines, light-rail transit and streetcars, electric buses, cycling paths and improved rural transit. It will mean that Canadians can get around in faster, cleaner and more affordable ways."

Jonathan Wilkinson, minister of the environment and climate change, said: "Investing in cleaner and more affordable modes of transportation is an important part of Canada’s strengthened climate plan – one that means we will exceed our 2030 target and will put us on a path to get to net-zero emissions by 2050.

"Transportation accounts for one-quarter of Canada’s emissions and represents an area that is in need of smart climate investments, like the ones that we have announced today, to support good Canadian jobs, a stronger economy and a healthier planet."

Image: Montreal, Canada (Christian Ouellet/Dreamstime)

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