Canadian firm plans 10ha cannabis “centre of excellence” for Colombia

International Cannabis Corporation (ICC), a Vancouver-based marijuana grower, has announced that construction has begun on a 10ha farm in Funza, outside Bogotá.

The Colombian Cannabis Centre of Excellence will act as a hub for industry growers, geneticists and service providers, as well as the firm’s future Cannabis Park farm.

The centre is predicted to produce between 25,000kg and 40,000kg of cannabis flowers a year on a site on the Bogotá savanna, about 20km from the international airport.

Eugene Beukman, ICC director, said: "We envision Cannabis Park as a place where the finest minds in the science and art of cannabis cultivation and production will gather for the benefit of the industry as a whole.

"We believe that our commitment to the Centre of Excellence reflects ICC’s stated objective of being at the vanguard of cannabis science.

"This marks our first step to becoming a major worldwide producer of premium recreational and medicinal cannabis."

ICC holds licences to cultivate, produce, hold, sell and export cannabis and its by-products.

The cultivation of medical cannabis has been legal in Colombia since 2015, and possession of small quantities of the drug has been legal in the country for over 20 years.

Earlier this year, it was announced that Australia’s largest cannabis farm was being built at Melbourne airport.

Image: Cannabis Plants (Dreamstime/Openrangestock)

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  1. The finest minds in science and art will meet there, but they might not get much done.

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