Canberra University wins approval for $780m campus redevelopment

The government of the Australian Capital Territory has set in motion legislation that will allow Canberra University to proceed with a US$780m plan to redevelop its campus. 

Andrew Barr, the chief minister of the territory, and Stephen Parker, the vice-chancellor of the university, signed a statement of strategic intent on 5 March that will allow commercial growth within the mostly undeveloped 120ha Bruce precinct.  

The university wants to build a technology park, sheltered housing for old people, a private hospital and a housing developments that could be linked to work in research, design, planning and related fields. The housing element could include as many as 3,300 units. 

Barr said: "This is all about creating jobs: jobs building campus developments, jobs working for new campus-based organisations and jobs in research and teaching. It is about creating a smart workforce with the skills our economy needs. 

"I am committed to boosting economic growth and facilitating major projects and job opportunities. By removing some unnecessary constraints on the university and amending the University of Canberra Act to clarify, modernise and adjust functions and governance, we will pave the way for the university to achieve the vision set out in its masterplan." 

He added that senior government representatives would work with the UC to oversee the plan and he would meet personally with Professor Parker as the redevelopment advanced. 

The university currently has a student population of 13,000. 

Photograph: The Inspire Centre at the Canberra University (Wikimedia Commons)

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