China to begin construction of small modular reactor in Hainan by end of year

China is planning to begin work on its first small modular reactor (SMR) on 31 December. The 125MW ACP100, designed China National Nuclear Corporation, will be sited at the existing Changjiang nuclear plant on Hainan island.

The construction of the SMR is expected to take a little less than five-and-a-half years, with the first electricity expected to be produced by 31 May 2025.

The ACP100 is a third-generation pressurised water design, and is intended to supply power to smaller grids and remote areas, as well as offering heat to urban areas – an important application in northern China – and desalination plants.

World Nuclear News reports that the ACP100 was identified as a "key project" in China’s 12th Five-Year Plan. The design incorporates passive safety features and will be installed underground.

A plant was originally to be built by a joint venture between CNNC  and China Guodian Corp in Putian county, at the south of Fujian province. In early 2017, the site was changed to Changjiang.

As well as the AP100, China is planning to build a 210MW High Temperature Reactor, which has a gas-cooled design.

Image: A sketch of the AP100 supplying power for power, heat, industry and desalination (CNNC)

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