China plans $40bn tidal power project – no enclosure needed

The Chinese National Energy Administration are researching construction of a Dynamic Tidal Power (DTP) facility off the east coast of China. Design and construction costs are an estimated $40bn.

China is looking to build in the entrance of the Bohai Sea between Shantou and Xiamen.

A DTP facility would use the powerful hydraulic currents from tidal waves. A dam measuring 60km to 100km in length would run straight into the ocean, without enclosing an area. It could generate up to 15GW of energy from 4,000 turbines, which would provide energy to over 10 million houses. This would be the equivalent of six large gas or coal power stations.

A consortium of eight Dutch companies including Arcadis are developing the technology known as the POWER project with the Chinese government.

Rob Steijn, the Arcadis River, Coast and Sea director said: "We are thrilled about the fruitful co-operation with our Chinese partners. Of course it helps a lot that many tidal conditions along the Chinese coastline are very good for the concept of dynamic tidal power."

The UK, Korea and Northern Europe are also possible sites for development.

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