China unveils world’s first hydrogen-powered tram

A prototype of the world’s first hydrogen-powered tram has been announced by CSR Sifang, a subsidiary of the state-owned Chinese train-maker CSR. 

According the company, each tramcar will contain 60 seats and can carry 380 passengers. Each will be able to run for 100km for speeds of up to 70kmh before refilling with hydrogen, a process that takes three minutes.  

The tram is powered by hydrogen fuel cells, which are already an emerging technology in the automotive industry.

As the temperature of the reaction inside the fuel cells is less than 100°C, no nitrogen oxides will be emitted, making the tram a completely clean technology. The absence of air pollution is an important factor in China’s urban areas, many of which have become so polluted that production has had to curtailed.  

China recently approved more nuclear reactors in a bid to combat excessive pollution. 

Image: A prototype of the hydrogen-powered tram

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