China’s CSCEC completes major highway in Pakistan in record 36 months

State-owned giant China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) is celebrating the completion of the 392-km Sukkur-Multan motorway in Pakistan, built in what it calls a record-breaking time of three years.

Part of the longer Peshawar-to-Karachi Motorway project, the highway is the largest infrastructure project under the multi-billion-dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) initiative.

Chinese news agency Xinhua reports that 28,900 people worked on the road, more than 90% of them Pakistani nationals.

The highway helps link Multan, a region known for mangoes, hand-embroidered clothing and pottery, to the commercial centre of Karachi, facilitating exports.

Around 3,000 local people were trained in construction during the project.

One, Alamdar Khan, worked as a project coordinator and told Xinhua that he was introduced to techniques he had never heard of before.

"In this project Chinese used drones to monitor the construction, their GPS is remarkable and their testing equipment is one of the best in the world, working with them was a training and a great skill development opportunity for me," Khan told Xinhua.

The project is now waiting for Pakistan’s National Highway Authority for formal inauguration.

In February this year CSCEC rejected allegations of impropriety made by a Pakistani government minister over the procurement of the project under former prime minister Nawaz Sharif (see Further reading).

Image: A section of the newly-built Sukkur-Multan motorway in Pakistan (From the Facebook page of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor)

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  1. So cool to hear that. Cool Neighbours I tell you

  2. China and Pakistan are two game changer of the world.
    Keep on working, and soon you will the superpower of the world.

  3. I was hoping to pass this Idea on to some of China’s neighbors and bordering friends. Maybe you could pass it on to there united nations missions. I suggest China and Pakistan start building a project equivelant to the building of the great Wall. I suggest they build a large underground arch tunnel and attach two L like platforms to the walls one over top the other that can be magnetized and be lift much more weight and have freight and passenger maglev train cars float above the two L shaped platforms attached by magnetics to the 2 L platforms sticking out off the walls of tunnel. The German maglev design was designed after a standard gauge much to narrow tracks to generate enough lift I also would suggest putting two large pipes underneath the arch tunnels too for water shipping maybe sewer water shipping too and try to make a heavier weight lifting maglev train for light freight and passengers too with this design. Possibly shipping flood water through the tunnel when flooding occurs too. David Medway underground doesn’t add greenhouse gasses either

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