Concern over deer halts construction of 120MW Norwegian wind farm

Norwegian authorities have stopped construction on a 120MW wind farm in the Municipality of Bygland in the south of the country owing to concerns about its impact the wild deer population.

According to Reuters, southern Norway has a wild deer population of 35,000, one of the last remaining communities in Europe.

Last year the Norwegian Environment Agency allowed two wind farms in the area to be built, creating a total capacity of 141MW.

The proposed wind farm would have been located in a nature reserve and would have benefitted local businesses in the poorly populated area.

Fallow deer in Fritzøehus Park, Larvik (Wikimedia Commons/Arnstein Rønning)

Norway fulfills its energy needs using hydropower and exports energy to other Scandinavian countries and Holland.

Read more about Norwegian deer here.

Top image: A red deer in Bardu, Norway (Wikimedia Commons/Jörg Hempel)

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