Crowd funding sought for “invisible” PV panels that mimic wood and stone

Hoping to bring solar power to heritage buildings without ugly photovoltaic (PV) arrays, an Italian company is seeking support for its "Invisible Solar" line of PV products, which that it says can pass for stone, concrete and even wood.

Dyaqua’s decision to seek crowd funding follows its artisan production of the terracotta photovoltaic product, Rooftile, which the company started making in June this year.

"The news spread fast in the world, going far beyond all expectations," said Matteo Quagliato of Dyaqua. "So we thought to ask support [from] our fans who want to help Invisible Solar growth in order to bring it as soon as possible also in their countries."

Dyaqua says solar cells are hidden inside the modules under a realistic surface that solar rays can penetrate, made from non-toxic and recyclable materials. The company says its approach could bring PV power generation to historic buildings.

From 17 October supporters can order the first preview of new modules that look like stone, slate shingle, concrete brick and even wooden boards, from crowd funding site, Indiegogo.

Image: Dyaqua’s line of "Invisible Solar" PV products which it says can pass for stone, concrete and even wood (Dyaqua)

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