Daan Roosegaarde creates “rippling grass” sculpture at outdoor Italian art gallery

Images courtesy of Daan Roosegaarde/Arte Sella
Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde has created “Liquid Landscape”, a 50 sq m permanent artwork for the open air Arte Sella museum in northern Italy.

When visitors step onto the grass, a rippling sensation is created in a layer of soil and water beneath a flexible container topped by grass.

As they move further into the artwork, the moving sensation becomes more noticeable – a reference to the human race’s ecological footprint on the Earth.

Set against the backdrop of the Alpine mountains, Liquid Landscape also hopes to represent the continuously changing nature of the world.

Emanuele Montibeller, Arte Sella’s curator, said: “Liquid Landscape is radical new sculpture thinking; as an anti-sculpture it is almost invisible, and invites the visitor to become the artwork.”

Liquid Landscape is similar to Zoro Feigl’s Floating Fields from 2013, which was created using a similar technique of placing water underneath the earth.

Images courtesy of Daan Roosegaarde/Arte Sella

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