Danish architect Fokstrot plans floating archipelago for Copenhagen harbour

"Parkipelago", a series of small floating structures, is being planned for Copenhagen’s harbour by two architects from the Danish firm of Fokstrot.

Marshall Blecher and Magnus Maarbjerg have begun their project by building a 20 sq m wooden platform with a single lime tree at its centre.

This platform, which is being called CPH-Ø1, will move around the harbour over the next year. It is free for anyone to use for activities such as camping and swimming. It will also host small events.

CPHØ1 was built by hand in the boat building yards in the Copenhagen’s south harbour using traditional wooden boat building techniques.

The duo hope to add a number of other rafts to the harbour in the future. Ideas include a floating sauna, floating gardens, a floating mussel farm and a sail-in café.

During winter and for special events or festivals, the islands can be brought together to creating a cluster.

Images courtesy of the Copenhagen Islands website

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