Denmark plans to extend Copenhagen with nine new islands

The government of Denmark said today (7 January) it was planning to extend the city of Copenhagen by creating nine islands off its southern coast.

According to the Copenhagen Post, the project will provide 3 million square metres for up to 380 businesses, which in turn would create 12,000 jobs for the population of the Danish capital.

Work on the scheme could begin in 2022, allowing the first companies to begin operations by 2040. It is to be sited off the 450ha Avedøre Holme district, which was itself created by dredging in the 1960s.

Brian Mikkelsen, the head of the Danish Chamber of Commerce, said: "It’s a fantastic and exciting project that has a lot of potential. I believe it can develop into a kind of European Silicon Valley that would allow Denmark and the capital to compete with Amsterdam, London and Stockholm as we can attract green digital transition jobs."

The government is also aiming to move the Lynetten water treatment plant to the islands, freeing up space for Lynetteholmen (pictured), another project to extend the city that was announced in October last year. This scheme, which aims to provide homes for 35,000 people, will also involve dredging up new land, this time between the eastern suburbs of Nordhavn and Refshaleøen.

Ole Krohn, a financial expert and journalist, told the TV2 station that the plan was to give each island its own "theme", so that each accommodates companies from the same industry. However, the overall aim of the new area will be to provide a home for green businesses.

Image: Danish architect Urban Power’s rendering of the new area (Hvidovre municipality/Urban Power)

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  1. Yes, and what of the increased pollution that will surround that area…and the inter-tidal sweep to the open sea.

  2. And raise the sea water levels??

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