Dorte Mandrup designs Ikea store with a difference for Copenhagen

Danish architect Dorte Mandrup has designed an Ikea store in Copenhagen’s Vesterbro district, complete with a 20m-high rooftop park, public meeting spaces and hundreds of trees.

The 150 sq m park will contain native trees, shrubs, grasses and bug hotels, and is connected to a 1km walking route stretching from the southern part of Copenhagen all the way to the inner city.

The shop’s front plaza will add green space to the busy Dybølsbro bridge, spanning train tracks and creating a public space with a café and bike parking.

The shop’s design is at odds with Ikea’s classic blue-and-yellow branding, with an organic white facade that is designed to resemble a fabric drape.

The development is aiming to achieve BREEAM "outstanding"‘ certification, with sustainable features such as 1,450 sq m of solar panels and the use of canal water for cooling.

Dorte Mandrup, Dorte Mandrup’s founder, said: "Vesterbro is a densely populated and active district of the city that only has a few green pockets and walkways available. With the new rooftop park, we want to give back a green lounge to the local community and create both intimate resting places and opportunities for spontaneous meetings.

"The facade draws inspiration from a white curtain motif. Flowing down from the edges of the rooftop park, the curtain is pulled aside a few places, revealing the displayed items inside. The curtain ends in a pedestal on street level where you can take a short rest in the midday sun in between the rippled folds."

Johan Laurell, Ikea Denmark’s chief executive, said: "Ikea Copenhagen is much more than a store. You will find inspiration and delivery options to your door, making it a new shopping experience in Ikea and our next step on the journey of bringing Ikea closer to the many people.

"But the city store will also create a new meeting place as locals will not necessarily meet there to shop. They can also stop for a cup of coffee, dwell on the rooftop or meet friends for dinner. This way, we try to bring something back to the neighbourhood."

Ikea Copenhagen is due to open in summer 2023.

Images courtesy of Dorte Mandrup A/S

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