Dubai mandates BIM for new buildings

The Dubai skyline (imran shahabuddin/CC BY 2.0 Deed)
From 1 January next year, Dubai Municipality will only accept planning applications for a wide range of buildings if they’re accompanied by a 3D building information model, or BIM.

The municipality announced the decision in a circular last month.

It cited the benefits BIM brings “during all stages of the project life cycle, including reducing costs, saving time and effort, improving the efficiency of construction and operation processes, and reducing reliance on unskilled labour”.

The new rule requires BIMs as follows:

  • Architectural BIMs for buildings over 20 floors, and structural design BIMs for buildings over 40 floors;
  • Architectural BIMs for complexes whose area exceeds 20,000 sq m, and structural design BIMs for complexes exceeding 30,000 sq m;
  • Specialised buildings like hospitals and universities;
  • All government projects.

Developers will need to use BIMs in accordance with the Dubai Building Code and the Dubai Standard Building Information Modeling standards (Dubai BIM), which can be accessed through the Dubai Building Standard platform.

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