Dutch contractor BAM commits to halving its greenhouse emissions by 2030

The Netherlands’ Royal BAM Group has committed itself to halving its carbon footprint by 2030 compared with its emissions in 2015.

The firm will reduce its greenhouse gas footprint through "energy efficiency measures, early grid connection on projects and decarbonisation of its vehicle fleet", and by buying all of its electricity from renewable sources.

BAM will also work with its suppliers to reduce carbon emissions throughout its value chain.

Nitesh Magdani, Royal BAM Group’s director of sustainability, said: "This medium term reduction target will influence BAM to drive innovative solutions for our own operations as well as products and services which we provide to others.

"This target supports our efforts to reduce carbon emissions in our business and through our value chain, and paves the way to meeting our strategic target for a net positive impact by 2050. We hope this motivates others as well to achieve the level of impact needed. We can only do this together."

Image: The Greenland Ice Cap (Dbjohnston/Dreamstime)

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