Elon Musk to sell “Lego-like interlocking bricks” made from rocks

Elon Musk, the entrepreneur behind PayPal, Hyperloop, SpaceX and most recently the Boring Company, has taken to Twitter to announce that he is planning to sell "Lego-like interlocking bricks" made from tunneling spoil that can be used "to create sculptures and buildings".

Musk said the rock would be "super strong, but bored in the middle, like an aircraft wing spar, so not heavy".

He added that the first bricks sold would be a kit themed around ancient Egypt, including buildable versions of "pyramids, sphinxes and Temple of Horus".

According to Musk, the bricks are so precise and easy to position that "two people could build the outer walls of a small house in a day or so".

Last week, the Boring Company was named as one the finalists for an underground rail system for Chicago airport.

Image: Ironically named "Godot", this tunnel boring machine has been spotted on The Boring Company’s premises in California (The Boring Company)

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  1. Anything to solve the World’s housing problem is a good idea for me!! especially if waste is put to good use

  2. I recall plans to create “brick” or square bottles in the 1970’s in Holland, to solve similar issues: Elon is selling space: it is just underground. Spoil equates with mining waste or “tailings”: maybe he’ll take up providing sexy mudbrick buildings: Fred Flintstone & Barney Rubble would be envious.

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