Email management: how worried are you?

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Is email management keeping you awake at night? Can’t find where you saved the latest change in scope? Can’t lay your hands on the proof that the client approved a change?

If those sound like familiar scenarios, then Mail Manager wants to hear from you for its annual project management survey.

This year’s survey should take no more than four minutes to complete. Those who do so will be entered into a competition to win a £500 Amazon voucher. Take part now.

The research surveyed more than 500 directors and managers across the wider construction sector, nearly two-thirds of whom are based in the UK.

Nearly half of the respondents (47%) reported that project information relating to scope changes resides in staff emails. Meanwhile more than a third (35%) reported that emails from staff who are leaving are not filed, meaning project information in those emails is lost.

These statistics are alarming given that more than a third of disputes are caused either by disagreements over scope (20%), or the need to reproduce information (17%).

Furthermore, less than half of the respondents (44%) require employees to file all project-related emails into a central location. Indeed, 15% indicated that no emails are filed across their business.

Again, these findings are worrying given that half of respondents (51%) said they regularly need to find information from historic projects.

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