Erik Andersson to design “amphitheatre bridge” in northern Sweden

Erik Andersson Architects has been commissioned by a Swedish roads body to design a bridge over the Kalix River in the north of the country.

Erik Andersson plans to make the bridge into a public space with car and cycle lanes on the top of the bridge and a pedestrian walkway and seating areas underneath.

The most striking element of the design, however is the bridge’s wide arches, which will be fitted with steps, allowing visitors to go down to the water’s edge.

The architect describes the project as "a hybrid of an amphitheatre and a bridge. You can use it as you wish; sit down and watch the river and the view, pass under it by boat or simply cross it by foot or bicycle".

He added: "The idea behind the bridge is to turn a simple crossing of the river into an experience and create a warm atmosphere."

The crossing/amphitheatre is due to be completed in 2019.

Images courtesy of Erik Andersson Architects

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