Ferrovial to power sites with the sun thanks to staff invention

The modules come with with inverters, batteries, energy management and control systems (Courtesy of Ferrovial)
Three employees of Spanish firm Ferrovial have invented solar power generating modules housed in shipping containers that give construction sites an independent power supply.

Ferrovial said pilot testing of the system showed that it can cut site CO2 emissions by up to 90% and electricity costs by €14,000 a year.

A system unit has 72 sq m of photovoltaic panels (36 panels of 2 sq m each), which can be installed on the roofs of the cabins or on the ground.

It is equipped with inverters, batteries, energy management and control systems, telecommunications and connections to site offices and site.

With all services pre-installed, the system cuts the usual site start-up time from around 15 days to 48 hours.

The company plans to start installing the modules on construction sites before the end of the year.

Ferrovial staff members Pedro Riesco, Eduardo Moral and Fernando San José invented the system, called “Ikongreen”, for the company’s Sustainability Challenge, conducted with the Zuritanken think-tank. Their idea was chosen as a finalist among 110 ideas proposed in the latest round.

Set up to find innovative ways to achieve a low-carbon economy, the programme has gathered some 3,500 ideas in five rounds since 2012.

Ferrovial aims to have 100% of its electricity consumption coming from renewable sources by 2025.

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