Ferrovial to spend €632k this year fighting poverty in global south

Ferrovial poverty
Ferrovial owns the concession for the Ruta del Cacao highway in Colombia, and will this year improve water security in the country’s Lebrija municipality (Courtesy of Ferrovial)

Spain’s Ferrovial has unveiled plans to spend €632,000 this year on projects to improve life for some 52,000 people in Latin America, Africa, and India, as well as at home in Spain.

In Colombia, Ferrovial and Action Against Hunger will improve access to water in the towns of San Gabriel, La Cuchilla and La Cabaña, in the municipality of Lebrija. The company will build three water treatment plants and update water distribution networks.

Ferrovial owns the concession for the Ruta del Cacao highway in Columbia.

In Africa, it will improve access to water for some 9,000 people in the rural northern district of Kamonyi, Rwanda. It will build or rehabilitate 11 water tanks and 23 public fountains, as well as constructing 40 improved latrines for vulnerable households.

In India, with the help of the Fundación Esperanza y Alegría, Ferrovial will install a drinking water supply system in the Mundakayam Medical Trust hospital in Idukki, Kerala.

Benefitting 40,000 people, the project includes a new rainwater harvesting system, construction of two underground tanks, and a water filtration, purification and extraction system.

Closer to home, the company will work with the Multiple Sclerosis Association of Murcia to buy equipment for non-invasive transcranial electrical stimulation, a treatment that will benefit almost a hundred people.

Ferrovial will carry out these and other projects through its social programmes Stronger Together, Social Infrastructures, and Social Action in Spain, which it says have helped 610,000 people since 2005.

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