Ferrovial’s Budimex completes futuristic petrochemical research centre in Poland

Budimex, the Polish subsidiary of Spanish contractor Ferrovial, has completed a research and development centre for oil refining company PKN Orlen in the city of Plock, about 50km northwest of Warsaw.

The €37m centre will research the refining process and petrochemicals.

According to Ferrovial, it incorporates 180km of cabling, 750 tons of reinforcing steel and 22km of pipes.

Artur Popko, the chairman of Budimex, said the weight of the steel used in the centre is three times that of the Statue of Liberty.

The interior of the centre allows the installation of testing facilities up to 15m high meters high. (Ferrovial)

He added: "The complex of buildings that are part of the R&D Centre had to be adapted to the research specificities of the refining and petrochemical industry and meet the highest construction requirements."

The complex on 4.3 hectares consists of eight facilities, including office and industrial buildings, labs and a materials warehouse.

Among the specialist facilities are high and low-temperature chambers, an engine dynamometer station and a nitrogen tank.
As well as this complex, Budimex also constructed internal roads and parking lots, self-cleaning photovoltaic panels and a wind turbine that generates 2.8MW of power.

PKN Orlen is the first publicly listed company in Poland. It has operations in Germany and the Baltic States.

Top image: The complex is located in the ancient city of Plock (Ferrovial)

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