Former head of Montreal construction school charged with fraud

Quebec police arrested the former head of a Montreal construction trade school on Wednesday, 23 January, and charged him with fraud-related crimes against the school.

Alain Prud’homme, who was the director of L’École des Métiers de la Construction de Montreal until October 2017, is alleged to have conspired with three other men to overcharge the school on construction contracts.

The others arrested were Enrico Di Paola, from a general contracting company, Modesto Abella, from a firm of electricians, and Mathieu Therien, whose job was not revealed in court documents.

Prud’homme was charged with fraud, possession of goods obtained by crime, fraud against the trade school and breach of trust, according to a statement from UPAC, Quebec’s anti-corruption squad. He is also charged with making false documents and creating false bills.

Some of the charges are understood to be in connection with the construction of a sports facility at the school.

The school offers classes and certifications to 2,000 students in trades such as carpentry, plumbing and masonry.

About 15 investigators took part in the arrests. The investigation, which began last year, also involved the province’s Revenue Department.

Image: Montreal’s construction trade school (Lavacon)

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